couchbase-sys 0.3.0

Rust bindings to the libcouchbase C Couchbase SDK. failed to build couchbase-sys-0.3.0
Please check the build logs and, if you believe this is' fault, open an issue.

Libcouchbase FFI Bindings

Most of the time you want to use the couchbase crate directly, here you'll mostly find low level and contributor information.

This binding will look with pkg-config for a libcouchbase and use a pre-built binding if possible. If thats not possible two features can be used together or independently:

  • build-lcb builds the lcb version which is currently defined in the build file and use that one going forward.
  • generate-binding pulls in more deps and will generate the binding either from the built lcb or the found one through pkg-config instead of using a prebuilt one.

Howto: Rebuilding the for a new libcouchbase version

First, make sure you have bindgen installed as a command line utility:

cargo install -f bindgen

Next, you need make and wget and then the makefile will do the rest.

couchbase-rs/couchbase-sys$ make binding VERSION=2.7.4

This will download the lcb source from github and create the binding, putting it into the src directory.