colored 1.2.0

The most simple way to add colors in your terminal


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Coloring terminal so simple, you already know how to do it !

    "this is blue".blue();
    "this is red".red();
    "this is red on blue".red().on_blue();
    "this is also red on blue".on_blue().red();
    "you can also make bold comments".bold();
    println!("{} {} {}", "or use".cyan(), "any".italic().yellow(), "string type".cyan());
    "or change advice. This is red".yellow().blue().red();
    "or clear things up. This is default color and style".red().bold().clear();
    "purple and magenta are the same".purple().magenta();
    "and so are normal and clear".normal().clear();
    String::new("this also works!").green().bold();
    format!("{:30}", "format works as expected. This will be padded".blue());
    format!("{:.3}", "and this will be green but truncated to 3 chars".green());

How to use

Add this in your Cargo.toml:

colored = "1.1"

and add this to your or

    extern crate colored;

    use colored::*;

    // test the example with `cargo run --example most_simple`
    fn main() {
        // TADAA !
        println!("{} {} !", "it".green(), "works".blue().bold());


  • Safe rust, easy to use, minimal dependencies, complete test suite
  • Respect the CLICOLOR/CLICOLOR_FORCE behavior (see the specs)


  • black
  • red
  • green
  • yellow
  • blue
  • magenta (or purple)
  • cyan
  • white

Background colors: prepend the color by on_. Simple as that.


  • bold
  • underline
  • italic
  • dimmed
  • reversed
  • blink
  • hidden

You can clear color and style anytime by using normal() or clear()


  • Windows console support: this works only with ansi term. I plan to support the windows console also.
  • More tests ?: We always wecome more tests ! Please contribute !


This library wouldn't have been the same without the marvelous ruby gem colored.

Thanks for the ansi_term crate for providing a reference implementation, which greatly helped making this crate output correct strings.


Mozilla Public Licence 2.0. See the LICENCE file at the root of the repository.

In non legal terms it means that:

  • if you fix a bug, you MUST give me the code of the fix (it's only fair)
  • if you change/extend the API, you MUST give me the code you changed in the files under MPL2.
  • you CAN'T sue me for anything about this code
  • appart from that, you can do almost whatever you want. See the LICENCE file for details.


  • Thomas Wickham: @mackwic
  • Corey "See More" Richardson: @cmr