clima 0.0.2

A minimal Markdown reader in the terminal
clima-0.0.2 is not a library.


A Markdown terminal reader (experimental)

Warning: This is not suitable for normal usage. This might corrupt your hard disk, change your passwords and sell your house.

This tiny application opens any Markdown file and displays it using Termimad. Which isn't really useful as Termimad hasn't been designed to display any markdown file (Termimad is more of an helper to let you incorporate rich text and tables in your terminal applications).

Maybe I'll add the missing features to Termimad, then to Clima.

In the meantime the only reasonnable usage of Clima is to try out or fix some markdown you'd like to incorporate into your terminal application using Termimad and that you prefer to edit as a file.


Fetch the repository, go to it, then do

cargo build -release

The executable is in target/release. You may now ensure it's found when you need it. For example:

sudo ln -s path-to-clima/target/release/clima /usr/bin/clima

To open a file, just pass its path: