clamav-sys 0.0.2

ClamAV low level bindings for Rust failed to build clamav-sys-0.0.2
Please check the build logs for more information.
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clamav-sys is a minimal Rust interface around libclamav]( This package is not supposed to be used stand-alone, but only through its safe wrapper, clamav-rs.


Unix (anything but Windows)

You should have the clamav-dev package of your distribution installed (ClamAV with headers). The headers and library should be picked up automatically.



The preferred way of handling dependencies is vcpkg. Point $env:VCPKG_ROOT to your vcpkg installation, and set $env:VCPKGRS_DYNAMIC=1 to use dynamic linking (the default method of linking will likely not work, as pdcurses doesn't support the x64-windows-static-md triplet).

See the vcpkg crate's documentation for more details.


If vcpkg is not available or cannot be found on your system, the build defaults to a manual specification of dependencies. You will need to define the following environment variables:

  • CLAMAV_SOURCE: Points to the directory where the ClamAV source is located.
  • CLAMAV_BUILD: Points to the ClamAV build directory.
  • OPENSSL_INCLUDE: Points to the include directory containing openssl/ssl.h.