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An extensible chatbot written in rust.

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The construction is inspired by Hubot's extensibility. There is an ever-growing list of service adapters and message handlers as part of the project.

To get started, you might make a main function that looks like the following. Once you get that running, check out the documentation to add more packaged message handlers or write your own.

extern crate chatbot;

use chatbot::Chatbot;
use chatbot::adapter::CliAdapter;

fn main() {
    let mut bot = Chatbot::new("chatbot_name");

    let echo = handler!("EchoHandler", r"echo .+", |_, msg| {



Check out the issue tracker for an up-to-date list of plans for the chat bot.


Contributions are very welcome on this project. To get started, fork the repo and clone it locally. You should be able to just do cargo run and get a working ping and github handler on the command line. If you want to run the test program using the Slack adapter, do cargo run -- --adapter slack.