cargo-modoc 1.0.0

Generate module documentation from markdown files
cargo-modoc-1.0.0 is not a library.

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Generate module documentation from markdown files.

Apply module documentation to a source file from a markdown file. This binary takes a markdown file and prepends a source file with the module documentation comments (//!). There is a configuration file at the root directory (readme.config) which defines which markdown files are to prepend which source files, in a single input multiple output fashion.

To get started, use cargo to install the binary.

cargo install cargo-my-readme

A configuration file needs to be set up.

"" = [ "src/", "src/" ]

A single markdown file can apply to multiple source files.

Run the binary to write the markdown contents to the source files.

cargo my-readme

The binary will read the contents of the markdown file and prepend the source file with the line comments (//!). If there are any lines in the source file which start with //! then these lines are not included (hence the documentation is overwritten).