cargo-hdk 0.2.5

Cargo subcommand for building Houdini plugins.
cargo-hdk-0.2.5 is not a library.


A subcommand of cargo for building Houdini plugins based on the Houdini Development Kit (HDK).

The purpose of this command line tool is to simplify building Rust plugins for Houdini using the HDK.



Build a CMake based HDK plugin in a subdirectory (default is $CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR/hdk where $CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR is the crate root directory containing the Cargo.toml file) containing the CMakeLists.txt and the source code. The actual build artifacts are stored in a designated build subdirectory (for debug builds the complete build path is $CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR/hdk/build_debug).


To build the HDK plugin located in $CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR/hdk, simply run

cargo hdk

For release builds use

cargo hdk --release

To use a different CMake generator like Ninja, use the --cmake option

cargo hdk --cmake '[-G Ninja]'

All arguments are expected to be within [ and ] brackets to avoid ambiguity with arguments passed directly to the cargo build command.

Note that specifying the CMake generator is required on the first build only. Subsequent builds will use the cached generator, unless cargo hdk --clean is run, which clears all build artifacts.