cargo-brief 0.1.0

Display a brief summary of cargo dependencies
cargo-brief-0.1.0 is not a library.

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Display a brief summary of cargo dependencies.


cargo install cargo-brief


$ cargo brief --help
cargo-brief 0.1.0

    cargo brief [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [package]

    -h, --help         Prints help information
    -r, --recursive
    -V, --version      Prints version information

        --manifest-path <manifest-path>     [default: ./Cargo.toml]

    <package>     [default: *]

Display direct depedencies short summary:

$ cargo brief
ansi_term       0.12.1  Library for ANSI terminal colours and styles (bold, underline)
cargo_metadata  0.12.1  structured access to the output of `cargo metadata`
structopt       0.3.21  Parse command line argument by defining a struct.
tabwriter       1.2.1   Elastic tabstops.
thiserror       1.0.22  derive(Error)
wildmatch       1.0.12  Simple string matching  with questionmark and star wildcard operator.

Display long summary for one depedency:

$ cargo brief structopt
name        : structopt
descrip.    : Parse command line argument by defining a struct.
keywords    : clap, cli, derive, docopt
categories  : command-line-interface
version     : 0.3.21
license     : Apache-2.0 OR MIT
homepage    :
repository  :
features    : no_cargo, yaml, debug, suggestions, doc, color, default, paw, lints, wrap_help

The package argument supports wirdcard:

$ cargo brief serde*
serde       1.0.117  A generic serialization/deserialization framework
serde_json  1.0.59   A JSON serialization file format

You can use the --recursive option to display depedencies of all crates in the workspace:

$ cargo brief --recursive
# elephantry 1.1.1 (path+file:///home/sanpi/projects/elephantry/elephantry/core)

async-std          1.6.5   Async version of the Rust standard library
byteorder          1.3.4   Library for reading/writing numbers in big-endian and little-endian.
bytes              0.6.0   Types and traits for working with bytes
elephantry-derive  1.1.1   Macro implementation of #[derive(Entity)]
lazy_static        1.4.0   A macro for declaring lazily evaluated statics in Rust.
libpq              1.0.0   Safe binding for libpq
log                0.4.11  A lightweight logging facade for Rust
pretty_env_logger  0.4.0   a visually pretty env_logger
regex              1.4.1   An implementation of regular expressions for Rust. This implementation uses…
serde_json         1.0.59  A JSON serialization file format
tuple_len          1.0.0   macro to get the number of elements in a tuple
uuid               0.8.1   A library to generate and parse UUIDs.

# elephantry-derive 1.1.1 (path+file:///home/sanpi/projects/elephantry/elephantry/derive)

quote  1.0.7   Quasi-quoting macro quote!(...)
syn    1.0.45  Parser for Rust source code

# elephantry-cli 1.1.1 (path+file:///home/sanpi/projects/elephantry/elephantry/cli)

case        1.0.0   A set of letter case string helpers
dotenv      0.15.0  A `dotenv` implementation for Rust
elephantry  1.1.1   Object model manager for PostgreSQL
structopt   0.3.20  Parse command line argument by defining a struct.
term-table  1.3.0   Tables for CLI apps