cargo-audit 0.11.0

Audit Cargo.lock for crates with security vulnerabilities

cargo audit

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Audit Cargo.lock files for crates with security vulnerabilities reported to the RustSec Advisory Database.


cargo audit requires Rust 1.39 or later.


cargo audit is a Cargo subcommand and can be installed with cargo install:

$ cargo install cargo-audit

Once installed, run cargo audit at the toplevel of any Cargo project.


cargo audit fix subcommand

This tool supports an experimental feature to automatically update Cargo.toml to fix vulnerable dependency requirements.

To enable it, install cargo audit with the fix feature enabled:

$ cargo install cargo-audit --features=fix

Once installed, run cargo audit fix to automatically fix vulnerable dependency requirements.

This will modify Cargo.toml in place. To perform a dry run instead, which shows a preview of what dependencies would be upgraded, run cargo audit fix --dry-run.

Using cargo audit on Travis CI

To automatically run cargo audit on every build in Travis CI, you can add the following to your .travis.yml:

language: rust
cache: cargo # cache cargo-audit once installed
  - cargo install --force cargo-audit
  - cargo generate-lockfile
  - cargo audit

Reporting Vulnerabilities

Report vulnerabilities by opening pull requests against the RustSec Advisory Database GitHub repo:


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