bollard-stubs 1.42.0-rc.8

Stubs used for the Bollard rust async Docker client API
## Overview

This data model was generated by the [swagger-codegen]
( project.

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- API version: 1.42.0-rc.8
- Code generation suffix: 1.42.0-rc.8
- Build date: 2023-03-12T17:12:39.215Z

This autogenerated project defines an API crate `bollard-stubs` which contains:
* Data types representing the underlying data model.

The data types are generated specifically for the [Bollard API client](, and are not intended for direct library consumption. These data stubs might change as needed by the parent project.

## Package versioning

The upstream Docker API version references the major and minor version of this package. An additional suffix constitutes revisions around the code generator.

## Generating code.

Use the java package manager maven to generate the stubs. Java JDK 8 is required to run these:

mvn -D org.slf4j.simpleLogger.defaultLogLevel=debug clean compiler:compile generate-resources