bitly-urlshortener 0.1.0

A URL shortener command-line app. using API v4.
bitly-urlshortener-0.1.0 is not a library.

Url Shortener (Rust)

A URL shortener command-line app. for Implemented in Rust, using's API v4.

It was tested under Linux and Windows.

You can use it in interactive and non-interactive modes. In interactive mode, you have the possibility to copy the shortened URL to the clipboard.

Interactive mode

$ urlshortener
Long URL:

# expanded from shortened URL: (matches)

Copy shortened URL to clipboard [Yn]? y
# copied

Non-interactive mode

$ urlshortener

# expanded from shortened URL: (matches)


For this to work, you need an access token from Don't worry, it's free. After registration you can generate one for yourself. Then, add it as an environment variable called BITLY_ACCESS_TOKEN. For instance, under Linux add the following line to the end of your ~/.bashrc file:


Under Linux, the copy to clipboard functionality requires the Linux command xsel. You can install it via your package manager.


If you have the Rust compiler, you can install it directly from using the command cargo:

$ cargo install bitly-urlshortener

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