bip39 2.0.0

Library for BIP-39 Bitcoin mnemonic codes


A Rust implementation of BIP-39 mnemonic codes.

Word lists (languages)

We support all languages specified in the BIP-39 standard as of writing.

The English language is always loaded and other languages can be loaded using the corresponding feature.

Use the all-languages feature to enable all languages.

  • English (always enabled)
  • Simplified Chinese (chinese-simplified)
  • Traditional Chinese (chinese-traditional)
  • Czech (czech)
  • French (french)
  • Italian (italian)
  • Japanese (japanese)
  • Korean (korean)
  • Spanish (spanish)


This crate supports Rust v1.41.1 and up and works with no_std.

If you enable the zeroize feature the MSRV becomes 1.51.