bing-search 2.0.3

Bing search engine in your terminal
bing-search-2.0.3 is not a library.


Bing search engine in your terminal


cargo install bing-search

Optionally install viu, to view images in your console output. Yes, console output!

cargo install viu

or visit viu GitHub

Windows users, I'm sorry, you can try Windows Subsystem for Linux, but you have already integration, so...


Usage: bing-search [OPTIONS]

  -q, --query <QUERY>  search query [default: "Nutek Terminal"]
  -i, --image          image search
  -c, --cvid <CVID>    cvid
  -m, --max <MAX>      max results
  -h, --help           Print help
  -V, --version        Print version

Currently image displays the front page of search, and provides a link to details of image. No history is preserved.