bevy_webgl2 0.5.2

A webgl2 wasm32 render backend for Bevy Engine failed to build bevy_webgl2-0.5.2
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WebGL2 rendering backend for Bevy game engine

bevy_webgl2 is external plugin for Bevy providing WebGL2 rendering backend on wasm target. To see it in action take a look on live examples

Building examples


cargo install cargo-make
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

to build and serve sprite example do:

cargo make example sprite --profile release

and open

Using bevy_webgl2 in your project

Take a look on bevy_webgl2_app_template - it is a template of bevy application using cargo-make for building both native and WASM targets.

To initialize plugin simply replace Bevy's DefaultPlugins with bevy_webgl2::DefaultPlugins:


or add Bevy DefaultPlugins and bevy_webgl2::WebGL2Plugin