bevy-inspector-egui 0.6.1

Inspector plugin for the bevy game engine


This crate provides the ability to annotate structs with a #[derive(Inspectable)], which opens a debug interface using egui where you can visually edit the values of your struct live.

Your struct will then be available to you as a bevy resource.

More examples (with pictures) can be found in the examples folder.


use bevy_inspector_egui::Inspectable;

#[derive(Inspectable, Default)]
struct Data {
    should_render: bool,
    text: String,
    #[inspectable(min = 42.0, max = 100.0)]
    size: f32,

Add the InspectorPlugin to your App.

use bevy_inspector_egui::InspectorPlugin;

fn main() {

// fn your_system(data: Res<Data>) { /* */ }

World Inspector

If you want to display all world entities you can add the WorldInspectorPlugin:

use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_inspector_egui::WorldInspectorPlugin;

fn main() {

You can configure it by inserting the WorldInspectorParams resource. If you want to only display some components, you may want to use the InspectorQuery instead.

Bevy support table

bevy bevy-inspector-egui
0.5-0.6 0.5
0.5 0.4
0.4 0.1-0.3