bcc-sys 0.10.0

Rust binding to BPF Compiler Collection (BCC)

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Rust binding for bcc.


  • bcc must be installed before using this binding.

Supported bcc versions

  • Version 0.6.0 reflects the 0.5.0 version of bcc.
  • Version 0.7.0 reflects the 0.6.1 version of bcc.
  • Version 0.7.1 reflects the 0.6.1 version of bcc.
  • Version 0.8.0 reflects bcc v0.4.0-v0.8.0 using feature flags.
  • Version 0.9.0 reflects bcc v0.4.0-v0.9.0 using feature flags.

Note: If you do not specify a version of bcc using feature flags, the library will expect the latest version of bcc supported by the release of this library. You must specify a version using the matching feature flag to override this behavior.

Generating new bindings

Freshly generated bindings will sometimes be required:

  • to support new versions of bcc
  • to regenerate older bindings with a newer version of bindgen

How to generate new bindings

Before you generate fresh bindings, you should have rustfmt installed on your system. Install rustfmt with:

$ rustup component add rustfmt
$ rustup update

You may then build this crate using: cargo build --features generate

The fresh bindings will be placed into src/bccapi/generated.rs

NOTE: you may need to make changes to build.rs and/or wrapper.h to add support for a new version of bcc

Adding newly generated bindings

To use the newly generated bindings, we must add them to the library.

  • Move your generated bindings to a version specific module under src/bccapi. Follow existing naming conventions.
  • If you've added bindings for a new version:
  • Modify src/bccapi/mod.rs to add the new module to this library.
  • Modify Cargo.toml to define a feature for the new bcc version.

rustfmt is required to generate new bindings.