battery 0.4.0

Cross-platform information about batteries


Latest Version Latest Version Build Status dependency status Apache 2.0 OR MIT licensed

Rust crate providing cross-platform information about batteries.

Gives access to a system independent battery state, capacity, charge and voltage values recalculated as necessary to be returned in W, Wh or V units.

Supported platforms

  • Linux 2.6.39+
  • MacOS (10.10+ probably, needs to be confirmed)
  • Windows 7+

API stability

Until 1.0.0 version API might change in any moment, be careful.


This crate acts both as library and as binary executable, so you can install and check it:

  1. Install battery crate:
$ cargo install battery
  1. Call the installed file:
$ ~/.cargo/bin/battery
Device:                 0
vendor:                 DP
model:                  bq20z451
S/N:                    N/A
  state:                full
  energy:               35.32 Wh
  energy-full:          36.21 Wh
  energy-full-design:   54.34 Wh
  energy-rate:          0.00 Wh
  voltage:              8.44 V
  percentage:           65.00%
  temperature:          36.60 °C
  technology:           lithium-ion

I guess I'll need to replace my battery soon 😩