bap 0.1.0

Rust bindings to BAP failed to build bap-0.1.0
Please check the build logs for more information.
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Bindings to BAP in Rust

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  • Install libbap for your distribution (tested against 1.3 and 1.4)

  • bap-rust should now work as any other cargo package


  • The API is unstable and incomplete
  • Bugs will be fixed, but fixes are on a best effort basis.
  • Due to interactions between OCaml, threads, and the outside world, all API calls must occur on a single thread. This is enforced by the API

Feature Requests

  • Exported functionality

    • If it's in bap-bindings but not here, file an issue here.
    • If it's in bap but not in bap-bindings, file an issue in bap-bindings.
    • If it's not in bap, file an issue there.
  • High level representation requests can go here, but I'm unlikely to implement them myself unless I need them, so prepeare yourself to write a PR :)