bad64 0.3.0

Rust bindings for Binja's arm64 disassembler

Binja Arm64 Disassembler

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These are bindings to the Binary Ninja arm64 architecture/disassembler plugin.

Note that while Binary Ninja is an (excellent) commercial product, the disassembler is entirely Apache 2 licensed and may be used without a license. To install, just add bad64 as a normal dependency in Cargo.toml.

For more information on how this disassembler was created, see this blogpost by Andrew Lamoureux.

For docs and usage, please see and the examples.

$ cargo run --example decode 0x91010420
Instruction {
    address: 0x1000,
    opcode: 0x91010420,
    op: ADD,
    num_operands: 0x3,
    operands: [
        Reg {
            reg: X0,
            arrspec: None,
        Reg {
            reg: X1,
            arrspec: None,
        Imm64 {
            imm: Unsigned(
            shift: None,
add x0, x1, #0x41