backtrace 0.1.4

A library to acquire a stack trace (backtrace) at runtime in a Rust program. failed to build backtrace-0.1.4
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A library for acquiring backtraces at runtime for Rust. This library aims to enhance the support given by the standard library at std::rt by providing a more stable and programmatic interface.


backtrace = "0.1"
extern crate backtrace;


extern crate backtrace;

fn main() {
    backtrace::trace(&mut |frame| {
        let ip = frame.ip();
        let symbol_address = frame.symbol_address();

        // Resolve this instruction pointer to a symbol name
        backtrace::resolve(ip, &mut |symbol| {
            if let Some(name) = {
                // ...
            if let Some(filename) = symbol.filename() {
                // ...

        true // keep going to the next frame

Platform Support

This library currently supports OSX, Linux, and Windows. Support for other platforms is always welcome!


backtrace-rs is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0), with portions covered by various BSD-like licenses.

See LICENSE-APACHE, and LICENSE-MIT for details.