backblaze-b2 0.1.8

Can send api requests to the backblaze b2 api.


Rust library for using the backblaze b2 api. See here for more information. See here for documentation.

The backblaze api requires https, so you need to provide a Client with a https connector. Such a client can be created with the api call below:

extern crate hyper;
extern crate hyper_native_tls;
use hyper::Client;
use hyper::net::HttpsConnector;
use hyper_native_tls::NativeTlsClient;

let ssl = NativeTlsClient::new().unwrap();
let connector = HttpsConnector::new(ssl);
let client = Client::with_connector(connector);

Unfortunately because of the hyper api design, the upload functionality in this library requires the connector instead of the client, and since the client consumes the connector, you'll have to make two of them.