avr-test-suite 0.1.1

An AVR compiler integration test suite
# avr-test-suite

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A standalone test-suite for AVR compilers.

Uses [simavr](https://github.com/buserror/simavr) under the hood.

# Usage

git clone https://github.com/dylanmckay/avr-test-suite.git
cd avr-test-suite

# Run all tests

# Binaries

There are two binaries included in this crate.

## `avr-lit`

The test runner.


cd avr-test-suite

# Run all tests
cargo run --bin avr-lit

# Run specific test
cargo run --bin avr-lit tests/add.cpp

## `avr-sim`

An avr simulator that will flash binaries given to it onto an emulated
AVR and execute the program until it goes into indefinite sleep mode with
interrupts disabled.

It will also connect the simulated UART to standard output, which can
then be used by tests or other stuff.


cd avr-test-suite

# Run a program by loading it via disk
cargo run --bin avr-sim MyExecutable.elf

# Compile a file and pipe it directly into the simulator to run.
echo 'int main() { return 0; }' > main.c
avr-gcc main.c -mmcu=atmega328 -o /dev/stdout | cargo run --bin avr-sim MyExecutable

# Test format

Uses the [lit](https://crates.io/crates/lit) crate.