ark-ec 0.2.0

A library for elliptic curves and pairings


This crate defines Elliptic Curve traits, curve models that follow these traits, and multi-scalar multiplications. Implementations of particular curves using these curve models can be found in arkworks-rs/curves.

The available elliptic curve traits are

  • AffineCurve - Interface for elliptic curve points in the 'canonical form' for serialization.
  • ProjectiveCurve - Interface for elliptic curve points in a representation that is more efficient for most computation.
  • PairingEngine - Pairing friendly elliptic curves (Contains the pairing function, and acts as a wrapper type on G1, G2, GT, and the relevant fields).
  • CycleEngine - Wrapper type for a cycle of pairing friendly elliptic curves.

The elliptic curve models implemented are