apache-avro-derive 0.16.0

A library for deriving Avro schemata from Rust structs and enums


A proc-macro module for automatically deriving the avro schema for structs or enums. The macro produces the logic necessary to implement the AvroSchema trait for the type.

pub trait AvroSchema {
    // constructs the schema for the type
    fn get_schema() -> Schema;

How-to use

Add the "derive" feature to your apache-avro dependency inside cargo.toml

apache-avro = { version = "X.Y.Z", features = ["derive"] }

Add to your data model

struct Test {
    a: i64,
    b: String,


use apache_avro::Writer;

#[derive(Debug, Serialize, AvroSchema)]
struct Test {
    a: i64,
    b: String,
// derived schema, always valid or code fails to compile with a descriptive message
let schema = Test::get_schema();

let mut writer = Writer::new(&schema, Vec::new());
let test = Test {
    a: 27,
    b: "foo".to_owned(),
let encoded = writer.into_inner();

Compatibility Notes

This module is designed to work in concert with the Serde implemenation. If your use case dictates needing to manually convert to a Value type in order to encode then the derived schema may not be correct.