ansi_term 0.3.0

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This is a library for controlling colours and formatting, such as red bold text or blue underlined text, on ANSI terminals.

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It uses Cargo, Rust's package manager. You can depend on this library by adding this Git repository to your Cargo dependencies:


git = ""


You can format strings by calling the paint method on a Colour or a Style object, passing in the string you want to format. Here are some examples:

extern crate ansi_term;
use ansi_term::Colour::{Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Cyan, Fixed};
use ansi_term::Style::Plain;
use ansi_term::Paint;
fn main() {
    println!("Red text: {}", Red.paint("Red!"));

    println!("Blue bold text: {}", Blue.bold().paint("Blue bold!"));
    println!("Yellow underline text: {}", Yellow.underline().paint("Yellow underline!"));
    println!("Blue on yellow text: {}", Blue.on(Yellow).paint("Blue on yellow!"));

    println!("Colour #134: {}", Fixed(134).paint("A sort of light purple."));
    println!("Colour #221 on #124: {}", Fixed(221).on(Fixed(124)).paint("Mustard in the ketchup."));

    println!("No formatting: {}", Plain.paint("No colours here."));

Available colours are Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Cyan, White, and Fixed(n) up to 256. Available formattings are .bold(), .underline(), and .on(colour).