anolog 0.1.5

anonymize access log files
anolog-0.1.5 is not a library.

Latest Version MIT Chat on Miaou


Anolog anonymizes access log files.

It replaces IP v4, IP v6 and query parameter values with random ones.

To keep log files as useful as possible for analysis, there are constraints for the replacements:

  • All strings are consistently replaced: A string is always, in the same file, replaced by the same value, which allows for example to keep the validity of visit analysis
  • A replacement is always the size of the replaced
  • localhost IP aren't replaced

:warning: Anolog comes without any kind of garantee. If a file is converted with Anolog, it may still contain private data and may still help an attacker.


From source

This is the best solution when you already have the rust toolchain.

cargo install anolog

From precompiled binaries

I made them available in


anolog path/to/file.log > anonym.log