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HTML Sanitization

HTML Sanitization

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Ammonia is a whitelist-based HTML sanitization library. It is designed to take untrusted user input with some HTML.

Because Ammonia uses html5ever to parse document fragments the same way browsers do, it is extremely resilient to unknown attacks, much more so than regular-expression-based sanitizers.

This library's API is modeled after jsocol's Bleach library for Python, but is not affiliated with it in any way. Unlike Bleach, it does not do linkification, it only sanitizes URLs in existing links.


Using pulldown-cmark together with Ammonia for a friendly user-facing comment site.

extern crate pulldown_cmark;
extern crate ammonia;
use pulldown_cmark::{push_html, Parser};
use ammonia::clean;
let text = "[a link](";
let mut md_parse = Parser::new_ext(text, OPTION_ENABLE_TABLES);
let mut unsafe_html = String::new();
push_html(&mut unsafe_html, md_parse);
let safe_html = clean(&*unsafe_html);
assert_eq!(safe_html, "<a href=\"\">a link</a>");


Ammonia builds a DOM, traverses it (replacing unwanted nodes along the way), and serializes it again. It could be faster for what it does, and if you don't want to allow any HTML it is possible to be even faster than that.

However, it takes about fifty times longer to sanitize an HTML string using Bleach than it does using Ammonia.

$ cd benchmarks
$ cargo run --release --features unstable
    Running `target/release/ammonia_bench`
56829 nanoseconds to clean up the intro to the Ammonia docs.
$ python3
2910792.875289917 nanoseconds to clean up the intro to the Ammonia docs.