amethyst-inspector 0.2.0

unity-like inspector for amethyst failed to build amethyst-inspector-0.2.0
Please check the build logs and, if you believe this is' fault, open an issue.


Unity-inspired entity hierarchy and component editor via amethyst-imgui

Basic sage:

  1. #[derive(Inspect)] on all components that you want to show up in the inspector. For example:
// InspectControl is a derive for drawing nested structs
#[derive(Clone, InspectControl)]
pub struct Movement {
	// null_to is what the field is set to on right click
	// speed is how fast the slider can be dragged
	#[inspect(null_to = 10., speed = 0.1)]
	pub speed: f32,
	pub direction: Vector2<f32>,

#[derive(Component, Clone, Inspect)]
// #[inspect(no_default)] would disable adding this component
pub struct Player {
	// will only show a dropdown for entities with this component
	// also works for non-option Entity (however that can't be defaulted), U64Marker, Option<U64Marker>
	#[inspect(with_component = "cmp::Location")]
	pub location: Option<Entity>,
	pub movement: Movement,
	// similar to serde(skip) - don't create a control for this field
	pub schlonk: Schlonker,
  1. List all your components you want to show up in the inspector with an inspector! macro. This creates a system called Inspector.
  1. Add InspectorHierarchy and Inspector systems.
	.with(amethyst_inspector::InspectorHierarchy::<UserData>::default(), "", &[])
	.with(Inspector, "", &[""])

Help wanted

Drop me a line on discord or create an issue if you can help or have advice:

  • Make a modal or smth specifying properties when adding components
  • documentation
  • tests or smth idk if applicable