ambient-authority 0.0.2

Ambient Authority
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    <strong>Ambient Authority</strong>

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In capability-based security contexts, *ambient authority* means anything a
program can do that interacts with the outside world that isn't represented by
a handle.

This crate defines an empty function, [`ambient_authority`], which returns a
value of type [`AmbientAuthority`]. This is an empty type used in function
signatures to declare that they use ambient authority. When an API uses
`AmbientAuthority` in all functions that use ambient authority, one can quickly
locate all the calls to such functions by scanning for calls to

To use the `AmbientAuthroity` type in an API:

 - Add an [`AmbientAuthority`] argument at the end of the argument list of any
   function that uses ambient authroity, and add a `# Ambient Authority`
   section in the documentation comments for such functions explaining their
   use of ambient authority.

 - Re-export the [`ambient_authority`] function and `AmbientAuthority` type
   from this crate, so that users can easily use the same version.

 - Ensure that all other `pub` functions avoid using ambient authority,
   including mutable static state such as static `Atomic`, `Cell`, `RefCell`,
   `Mutex`, `RwLock`, or similar state, including `once_cell` or `lazy_static`
   state with initialization that uses ambient authority.

For example, see the [cap-std] crate's API, which follows these guidelines.

One of the cool things about capability-oriented APIs is that programs don't
need to be pure to take advantage of them. That said, for programs which do
which to aim for purity, this repository has a clippy configuration which can
help. To use it:

 - Manually ensure that all immediate dependencies follow the above convention.

 - Copy the [clippy.toml] file into the top level source directory, add
   `#![deny(clippy::disallowed_methods)]` to the root module ( or, and run `cargo clippy` or equivalent.