alchemy 0.2.0

A cross-platform GUI framework written in Rust. Adapts to native view-layers on each platform. UIKit/React inspired. failed to build alchemy-0.2.0
Please check the build logs and, if you believe this is' fault, open an issue.

Alchemy Core

This crate implements the core Alchemy application, which is what users ultimately import. Applications are a singleton; some might not like this, but it enables a design pattern that meshes a bit better with existing GUI framework systems and patterns.

The general pattern for developing with Alchemy is as follows:

[Alchemy API] -> [Inner Mutability] -> [Platform Bridge (implemented in other crates)]
    |- [Delegate]

The delegate pattern is cribbed from AppKit/UIKit, where it tends to work quite nicely as a way to respond to system level events.

Questions, Comments?

Open an issue, or hit me up on Twitter.