agb 0.1.0

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Rust for the Gameboy Advance

This is my in development library for rust on the gameboy advance. It uses information from GbaTek, Tonc, and the existing rust-console/gba.

Note that this currently contains no documentation of any kind, unless you count examples as documentation.

Build Requirements

  • Nightly rust, probably quite a recent version.
  • arm eabi binutils
    • Debian and derivatives: binutils-arm-none-eabi
    • Alpine: binutils-arm-none-eabi
    • Arch Linux and derivatives: arm-none-eabi-binutils

Test Requirements

  • need a recent mgba (known to work on 0.8.4+)
  • xvfb
  • corwinkuiper/mgba-test-runner
    • cargo install --git

Real Hardware Build

  • Need gbafix, rust implementation can be installed with cargo install gbafix.
  • On compiled elf file, additionally need to
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O binary {input-elf} {output-gba}
gbafix {output-gba}


0% stable, I have no problems making drastic changes in the API in order to make something nice to work with.