addr2line 0.23.0

A cross-platform symbolication library written in Rust, using `gimli`


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addr2line provides a cross-platform library for retrieving per-address debug information from files with DWARF debug information. Given an address, it can return the file name, line number, and function name associated with that address, as well as the inline call stack leading to that address.

The crate has a CLI wrapper around the library which provides some of the functionality of the addr2line command line tool distributed with GNU binutils.


If you want to provide your own file loading and memory management, use addr2line::Context instead of addr2line::Loader.


addr2line optimizes for speed over memory by caching parsed information. The DWARF information is parsed lazily where possible.

The library aims to perform similarly to equivalent existing tools such as addr2line from binutils, eu-addr2line from elfutils, and llvm-symbolize from the llvm project, and in the past some benchmarking was done that indicates a comparable performance.


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