aatree 0.2.2

AATree implementation in Rust

AA Tree

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This crate implements an AA Tree in Rust. An AA Tree is basically a Red-Black Tree that disallows right children to be red. This results for less complexity in the implementation. For further details on the data structure, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AA_tree for more information on the data structure.

The standard library comes with a good set of data structures. See std::collections for a list of data structures and their (dis)advantages, however, not all advertised functionality of BTreeMap is actually implemented (at the time of writing). On average, this AA Tree implementation is about half as fast as the standard libraries BTree data structures.

When to use AATree over std::collections::BTree

  • Your application doesn't benefit from CPU caching but does from simpler implementations
  • You want to find the largest or smallest key that is smaller or larger than something
  • You need a BST that you can freely search with your own routine

When to use AATree over std::vec::Vec

  • You need a sorted data structure
  • You need to efficiently check whether a key is contained or not
  • You need a BST that you can freely search with your own routine

Runtime Comparison


As all rust crates, this crate will follow semantic versioning guidelines. However, increasing the MSRV (minimum supported rust version) is not considered a breaking change.


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