PololuRust 0.1.0

Rust library for Pololu microcontroller

A Rust-flavoured Pololu Mini Maestro API Interface

Written and developed by UBC Bionics, Ltd.

Getting Started

The Rust crate "rppal" provides user-level APIs for protocols such as PWM, I2C, and UART. In order to configure UART for the Raspberry Pi, do the following:

  1. Remove "console=serial0,11520" from /boot/cmdline.txt
  2. Disable the Bluetooth by:
    • Adding "dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt" to /boot/config.txt (without the quotation marks)
      • For the RPi4 models, add "dtoverlay=disable-bt" instead
      • Once this is done, reboot the Pi (by powering it off and then on again)
      • Connecting GPIO Pin-14 (physical pin 08) to an LED, this LED should be LIT
    • Running the command "sudo systemctl disable hciuart"


If "cargo build" or "cargo test" do not work because of the rppal dependency, check the rppal documentations on how to set up UART. The link is here.