[][src]Trait cpp_demangle::DemangleWrite

pub trait DemangleWrite {
    fn write_string(&mut self, s: &str) -> Result;

    fn push_demangle_node(&mut self, _: DemangleNodeType) { ... }
fn pop_demangle_node(&mut self) { ... } }

Sink for demangled text that reports syntactic structure.

Required methods

fn write_string(&mut self, s: &str) -> Result

Same as fmt::Write::write_str.

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Provided methods

fn push_demangle_node(&mut self, _: DemangleNodeType)

Called when we are entering the scope of some AST node.

fn pop_demangle_node(&mut self)

Called when we are exiting the scope of some AST node for which push_demangle_node was called.

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impl<W: Write> DemangleWrite for W[src]

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