Crate cosmwasm_storage

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  • BucketDeprecated
  • PrefixedStorageDeprecated
  • ReadonlyBucketDeprecated
  • ReadonlySingleton only requires a Storage and exposes only the methods of Singleton that don’t modify state.
  • SingletonDeprecated
    Singleton effectively combines PrefixedStorage with TypedStorage to work on a single storage key. It performs the to_length_prefixed transformation on the given name to ensure no collisions, and then provides the standard TypedStorage accessors, without requiring a key (which is defined in the constructor)


  • bucketDeprecated
    An alias of Bucket::new for less verbose usage
  • bucket_readDeprecated
    An alias of ReadonlyBucket::new for less verbose usage
  • currvalDeprecated
    currval returns the last value returned by nextval. If the sequence has never been used, then it will return 0.
  • nextvalDeprecated
    nextval increments the counter by 1 and returns the new value. On the first time it is called (no sequence info in db) it will return 1.
  • prefixedDeprecated
    An alias of PrefixedStorage::new for less verbose usage
  • prefixed_readDeprecated
    An alias of ReadonlyPrefixedStorage::new for less verbose usage
  • sequenceDeprecated
    Sequence creates a custom Singleton to hold an empty sequence
  • singletonDeprecated
    An alias of Singleton::new for less verbose usage
  • singleton_readDeprecated
    An alias of ReadonlySingleton::new for less verbose usage
  • Calculates the raw key prefix for a given namespace as documented in
  • Calculates the raw key prefix for a given nested namespace as documented in