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Conventional commit parser

A rust implementation of the conventional commit specification. This crate expose functions to parse conventional commit messages.

Example :

use conventional_commit_parser::parse;
use conventional_commit_parser::commit::*;
let message = r#"fix: correct minor typos in code

see the issue for details

on typos fixed.

Reviewed-by: Z
Refs #133"#;

let conventional_commit = parse(message)?;

assert_eq!(conventional_commit.commit_type, CommitType::BugFix);
assert_eq!(conventional_commit.summary, "correct minor typos in code".to_string());
assert_eq!(conventional_commit.body, Some(r#"see the issue for details

on typos fixed."#.to_string()));

assert_eq!(conventional_commit.footers, vec![
    Footer {
        token: "Reviewed-by".to_string(),
        content: "Z".to_string(),
        token_separator: Separator::Colon
    Footer {
        token: "Refs".to_string(),
        content: "133".to_string(),
        token_separator: Separator::Hash


Conventional commit representation, produced by the parse function



Parse a commit message into a commit::ConventionalCommit

Parse a commit body only returning an Option<String> on a non empty trimmed value

Parse commit footers only

Parse a commit summary of the following form : <type>[optional scope]: <description> Returns a ConventionalCommit struct with a None body and empty footers.