[][src]Struct conrod_wgpu::Renderer

pub struct Renderer { /* fields omitted */ }

A helper type aimed at simplifying the rendering of conrod primitives via wgpu.


impl Renderer[src]

pub fn new(
    device: &Device,
    msaa_samples: u32,
    dst_format: TextureFormat
) -> Self

Construct a new Renderer.

pub fn with_glyph_cache_dimensions(
    device: &Device,
    msaa_samples: u32,
    dst_format: TextureFormat,
    glyph_cache_dims: [u32; 2]
) -> Self

Create a renderer with a specific size for the glyph cache.

pub fn commands(&self) -> Commands[src]

Produce an Iterator yielding Commands.

pub fn fill<'a, P>(
    &'a mut self,
    image_map: &Map<Image>,
    viewport: [f32; 4],
    scale_factor: f64,
    primitives: P
) -> Result<Option<GlyphCacheCommand<'a>>, CacheWriteErr> where
    P: PrimitiveWalker

Fill the inner vertex and command buffers by translating the given primitives.

This method may return an Option<GlyphCacheCommand>, in which case the user should use the contained glyph_cpu_buffer_pool to write the pixel data to the GPU, and then use a copy_buffer_to_image command to write the data to the given glyph_cache_texture image.

pub fn render(&mut self, device: &Device, image_map: &Map<Image>) -> Render[src]

Converts the inner list of Commands generated via fill to a list of RenderPassCommands that are easily digestible by a wgpu::RenderPass produced by a wgpu::CommandEncoder.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Renderer

impl Send for Renderer

impl Sync for Renderer

impl Unpin for Renderer

impl UnwindSafe for Renderer

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