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A library for parsing programs written in the shell programming language.

The Parser implementation will pass all of its intermediate parse results to a Builder implementation, allowing the Builder to transform the results to a desired format. This allows for customizing what AST is produced without having to walk and transform an entire AST produced by the parser.

See the Parser documentation for more information on getting started.

Supported Grammar

  • Conditional lists (foo && bar || baz)
  • Pipelines (! foo | bar)
  • Compound commands
    • Brace blocks ({ foo; })
    • Subshells ($(foo))
    • for / case / if / while / until
  • Function declarations
  • Redirections
  • Heredocs
  • Comments
  • Parameters ($foo, $@, etc.)
  • Parameter substitutions (${foo:-bar})
  • Quoting (single, double, backticks, escaping)
  • Arithmetic substitutions
    • Common arithmetic operations required by the POSIX standard
    • Variable expansion
    • Not yet implemented: Other inner abitrary parameter/substitution expansion

Supported Cargo Features

  • clippy: compile with clippy lints enabled
  • nightly: enable unstable features/optimizations which require a nightly compiler



Defines abstract representations of the shell source.


This module defines a lexer to recognize tokens of the shell language.


The definition of a parser (and related methods) for the shell language.


This module defines the tokens of the shell language.