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  • Contains modifiers, that can be used to alter certain parts of a preset.
    For instance, the UTF8_ROUND_CORNERS replaces all corners with round UTF8 box corners.
  • This module provides styling presets for tables.
    Every preset has an example preview.


  • A stylable table cell with content.
  • A simple wrapper type for a Vec<Cell>.
  • A representation of a table’s column. Useful for styling and specifying constraints how big a column should be.
  • An iterator over cells of a specific column. A dedicated struct is necessary, as data is usually handled by rows and thereby stored in Table::rows. This type is returned by Table::column_cells_iter.
  • Each row contains Cells and can be added to a Table.
  • This is the main interface for building a table. Each table consists of Rows, which in turn contain Cells.