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A crate to make time measurements that focuses on speed.

This crate is a partial replacement for the Time and Duration structures from the standard library, with the following differences:

  • Speed is privileged over accuracy. In particular, CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE is used to retrieve the clock value on Linux systems, and transformations avoid operations that can be slow on non-Intel systems.
  • The number of system calls can be kept to a minimum. The "most recent timestamp" is always kept in memory. It can be read with just a load operation, and can be updated only as frequently as necessary.


coarsetime is available on crates.io and works on Rust stable, beta, and nightly.

Windows and Unix-like systems are supported.

Available features:

  • nightly: rust-nightly is being used; only required to run benchmarks.



System time


A duration type to represent an approximate span of time


A measurement of a monotonically increasing clock. Opaque and useful only with Duration.


A service to periodically call Instant::update()

Type Definitions


Alias for Duration.