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Bindings to the clone3 linux system call.

See the clone3 man page for more information.

This is a complex and generally unsafe operation. Users must understand the documentation to use it safely and correctly.


use clone3::Clone3;

let mut pidfd = -1;
let mut clone3 = Clone3::default();
clone3.flag_pidfd(&mut pidfd);

match unsafe { }.unwrap() {
    0 => println!("i am the child"),
    child => println!("i am the parent, my child has pid {} and my pidfd is {}", child, pidfd),


The clone3 api can change in a backward compatible manner between Linux kernel versions. This crate supports picking the target version through Cargo features like linux_5-5, linux_5-7. The default is the newest kernel version. Specifying no linux feature corresponds to the initial clone3 api.


High level wrapper around the clone3 system call.
Arguments to the clone3 system call as defined in /usr/include/linux/sched.h.
Flags for the clone3 system call as defined in /usr/include/linux/sched.h.


The raw clone3 system call.