[][src]Struct clock_core::stopwatch::StopwatchData

pub struct StopwatchData {
    pub elapsed: Duration,
    pub pause_moments: Vec<DateTime<Local>>,
    pub start_moments: Vec<DateTime<Local>>,
    pub lap_moments: Vec<DateTime<Local>>,
    pub laps: Vec<Duration>,

The data returned by Stopwatch upon .stopping (i.e. resetting)


elapsed: Durationpause_moments: Vec<DateTime<Local>>start_moments: Vec<DateTime<Local>>lap_moments: Vec<DateTime<Local>>laps: Vec<Duration>


impl StopwatchData[src]

pub fn start(&self) -> DateTime<Local>[src]

pub fn stop(&self) -> DateTime<Local>[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for StopwatchData[src]

impl Default for StopwatchData[src]

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