[][src]Struct clap::OsValues

pub struct OsValues<'a> { /* fields omitted */ }

An iterator for getting multiple values out of an argument via the ArgMatches::values_of_os method. Usage of this iterator allows values which contain invalid UTF-8 code points unlike Values.


use std::ffi::OsString;
use std::os::unix::ffi::{OsStrExt,OsStringExt};

let m = App::new("utf8")
    .arg(Arg::from_usage("<arg> 'some arg'"))
                            // "Hi {0xe9}!"
                            OsString::from_vec(vec![b'H', b'i', b' ', 0xe9, b'!'])]);
assert_eq!(&*m.value_of_os("arg").unwrap().as_bytes(), [b'H', b'i', b' ', 0xe9, b'!']);

Trait Implementations

impl<'a> Clone for OsValues<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Debug for OsValues<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Default for OsValues<'a>[src]

Creates an empty iterator.

impl<'a> DoubleEndedIterator for OsValues<'a>[src]

impl<'a> ExactSizeIterator for OsValues<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Iterator for OsValues<'a>[src]

type Item = &'a OsStr

The type of the elements being iterated over.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a> RefUnwindSafe for OsValues<'a>

impl<'a> Send for OsValues<'a>

impl<'a> Sync for OsValues<'a>

impl<'a> Unpin for OsValues<'a>

impl<'a> UnwindSafe for OsValues<'a>

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