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Control log level with a --verbose flag for your CLI


To get --quiet and --verbose flags through your entire program, just flatten Verbosity:

verbose: Verbosity,

You can then use this to configure your logger:

let cli = Cli::parse();

By default, this will only report errors.

  • -q silences output
  • -v show warnings
  • -vv show info
  • -vvv show debug
  • -vvvv show trace

You can also customize the default logging level:

use clap_verbosity_flag::{Verbosity, InfoLevel};

/// Le CLI
#[derive(Debug, Parser)]
struct Cli {
    verbose: Verbosity<InfoLevel>,

Or implement our LogLevel trait to customize the default log level and help output.



  • An enum representing the available verbosity levels of the logger.
  • An enum representing the available verbosity level filters of the logger.


  • Customize the default log-level and associated help