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Context free language parser

This crate provides functionality for parsing context-free languages and was written for use with fck. The documentation will also link you to some benchmarks. These were performed on a MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro CPU. The times are mainly intended for comparisons and not to be used as absolute values.


This crate provides a derive macro for the Parser trait. It also provides another trait and two structs used along-side the Parser trait.

For how to use the derive macro, you will need to read the documentation


The examples directory contains some example files with generated expansions. These are generated using cargo-expand and have been neatened up to make them more readable.

The structure of the examples is the same for all of them:

  1. Two enums for TokenType and Token along with required trait impls
  2. mod nodes which contains the nodes with #[derive(Parser)]
  3. mod equivalent which is the expanded code for the Parser impl

Current issues

  • Errors are a bit rudimentary at the moment:
    • If you consider the rule (Token::T1)?, Token::T2, the first token could be either Token::T1 or Token::T2. If neither of these are found then the returned error will say it expected Token::T2. A future version wil have better errors where the expected is a Vec<E> that will be calculated for each possible error position for more useful errors
    • When parsing an enum, if no variants can be matched, then the error from the error returned is from mathing the first variant. This is a lossy error and may be change in the future
  • Non-positional token data is not saved (with positional data only being saved in a NodeWrapper). This is intended for v1.1.0 with an additional method in the NodeData trait to return additional data wrapped in an Option. This will then be wrapped in a new struct to contain additional data



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