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A single-thread only library to implement multiple caches over the same hashmap

Single thread

All of this is currently designed to be used only in single-thread applications
The project was born out of a need for an efficient cache for a heavily sharded application, so everything is designed purely for single-thread.
Contributions are welcome for multithread support

Shared hashmap

Any hashmap is usable as long as the corresponding trait is implemented We have included a basic hashmap that lets you access each slot by its index ! and is stable, so that insertion or removal does not reshuffle elements

Composable caches

Each cache is usable on the same hashmap, so they must coordinate a bit through its The project currently implements:



stable hashmap implementation, based on hashbrown::raw::RawTable


Basic LRU cache


common result for insert/get operations


Basic SLRU cache


W-TinyLFU cache with lazy scan enanchment