[][src]Struct cbindgen::ExportConfig

pub struct ExportConfig {
    pub include: Vec<String>,
    pub exclude: Vec<String>,
    pub rename: HashMap<String, String>,
    pub body: HashMap<String, String>,
    pub prefix: Option<String>,
    pub item_types: Vec<ItemType>,
    pub renaming_overrides_prefixing: bool,

Settings to apply when exporting items.


include: Vec<String>

A list of additional items not used by exported functions to include in the generated bindings

exclude: Vec<String>

A list of items to not include in the generated bindings

rename: HashMap<String, String>

Table of name conversions to apply to item names

body: HashMap<String, String>

Table of raw strings to append to the body of items.

prefix: Option<String>

A prefix to add before the name of every item

item_types: Vec<ItemType>

Types of items to generate.

renaming_overrides_prefixing: bool

Whether renaming overrides or extends prefixing.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ExportConfig[src]

impl Default for ExportConfig[src]

impl Debug for ExportConfig[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for ExportConfig where
    ExportConfig: Default

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