[][src]Struct cbindgen::EnumConfig

pub struct EnumConfig {
    pub rename_variants: Option<RenameRule>,
    pub add_sentinel: bool,
    pub prefix_with_name: bool,
    pub derive_helper_methods: bool,
    pub derive_const_casts: bool,
    pub derive_mut_casts: bool,
    pub cast_assert_name: Option<String>,
    pub must_use: Option<String>,
    pub derive_tagged_enum_destructor: bool,
    pub derive_tagged_enum_copy_constructor: bool,
    pub private_default_tagged_enum_constructor: bool,

Settings to apply to generated enums.


rename_variants: Option<RenameRule>

The rename rule to apply to the name of enum variants

add_sentinel: bool

Whether to add a Sentinel value at the end of every enum This is useful in Gecko for IPC serialization

prefix_with_name: bool

Whether the enum variants should be prefixed with the enum name

derive_helper_methods: bool

Whether to generate static ::X(..) constructors and IsX() methods for tagged enums.

derive_const_casts: bool

Whether to generate AsX() const methods for tagged enums.

derive_mut_casts: bool

Whether to generate AsX() methods for tagged enums.

cast_assert_name: Option<String>

The name of the macro to use for derive_{const,mut}casts. If custom, you're responsible to provide the necessary header, otherwise assert will be used, and <cassert> will be included.

must_use: Option<String>

The way to annotation this enum as #[must_use].

derive_tagged_enum_destructor: bool

Whether to generate destructors of tagged enums.

derive_tagged_enum_copy_constructor: bool

Whether to generate copy-constructors of tagged enums.

private_default_tagged_enum_constructor: bool

Whether to generate empty, private default-constructors for tagged enums.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for EnumConfig[src]

impl Default for EnumConfig[src]

impl Debug for EnumConfig[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for EnumConfig where
    EnumConfig: Default

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