[][src]Struct casperlabs_engine_test_support::TestContext

pub struct TestContext { /* fields omitted */ }

Context in which to run a test of a Wasm smart contract.


impl TestContext[src]

pub fn run(&mut self, session: Session) -> &mut Self[src]

Runs the supplied Session checking specified expectations of the execution and subsequent commit of transforms are met.

If session was built without without_expect_success() (the default) then run() will panic if execution of the deploy fails.

If session was built with with_check_transfer_success(), (not the default) then run() will verify transfer balances including gas used.

If session was built without without_commit() (the default), then run() will commit the resulting transforms.

pub fn query<T: AsRef<str>>(
    key: AccountHash,
    path: &[T]
) -> Result<Value>

Queries for a Value stored under the given key and path.

Returns an Error if not found.

pub fn get_balance(&self, purse_addr: URefAddr) -> U512[src]

Gets the balance of the purse under the given URefAddr.

Note that this requires performing an earlier query to retrieve purse_addr.

pub fn main_purse_address(&self, account_key: AccountHash) -> Option<URef>[src]

Gets the main purse URef from an Account stored under a [PublicKey], or None.

pub fn get_account(&self, account_key: AccountHash) -> Option<Account>[src]

Gets an Account stored under a [PublicKey], or None.

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